Moms Returning to Work: Free Coaching Workshops!

This blog post was submitted by Eva Macaluso on January 25, 2013.

Many things go through a mom’s mind when she begins to consider returning to the workplace. Whether it is returning to a past career or a new career path, it can be a difficult, conflicted journey.


Two years ago, I left my comfortable, part-time, private psychotherapy practice in Cape Cod, MA and moved to Sarasota, FL with my husband (who was being transferred) and two, 4 year old daughters. I had a nice balance of work and motherhood, and excellent, safe child care. Although part of me was ready and excited about these changes, I was giving up a career I enjoyed and moving into the unknown. It was both exciting but also filled with uncertainty.

Of course, I had a significant amount of ambivalence and anxiety about reestablishing myself both personally and professionally. I knew there would be gains and losses, which I was open and accepting of. The most profound change for me was the transition from being a part-time professional /mom to a full-time mom. This was a first for me, since I did not take any maternity leave when my children were born, but choose to down-size my practice instead. For the first time, I was embarking on 24/7 motherhood with two, 4 year old girls in a new State with a small support system. The first thing I learned was that other Moms would become my biggest support system. 

So, what else I have learned from my experience and the experiences of the moms I have encountered over the years…it isn’t easy returning to work. Whether it is money issues, childcare issues, identity issues, loss of professional contacts and networking, outdated skills and training….it can be a difficult challenge to approach.

I believe with every challenge comes an opportunity for awareness, insight, and growth. Thinking about returning to the work force naturally encourages a degree of self-reflection: a chance to define life intention and exploring life purpose. This led me to think about how I could use my experience, counseling, and coaching skills to help other mothers. 

To me, coaching is a more focused and effective approach to nurture mothers returning to work. Coaching is strength based not problem, issue, and symptom based. It is about the future, and asks “what” and” how” questions not “why” questions.  The struggles moms have with returning to work are usually not symptom based but value based. I think harvesting a mom’s innate strength and exploring values is more useful then coming from a deficit frame of reference. The best part about coaching is the way it illuminates a person’s true desires and helps them affirm their potential. 

Hence, I am excited to facilitate workshops to begin to assist moms with their journeys. It will be an exploratory journey looking at values, choices, hidden goals, interests, and intentions.  I will keep you posted on when and where these workshops will be scheduled. They will be free and open to any Mom interested at any stage of career exploration.

Please don’t hesitate to call me at 941.363.1039, or contact me for more information! Free workshop for Mom's: Friday, May 17th 9:00 am.

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